no more free range cage-free cock ;)


…..For the Amusement of His Mistress of Course

This post is dedicated to my prized pet Mr. S. I want to give him sincere props and recognition for his accomplishment.  Cheers to you hun!
He has been in chastity for 6 weeks and counting! This is not only his personal best it’s also not the end – he’s going for holding out 2 more weeks for a total of 8 weeks. I am so very impressed with his devotion, dedication, integrity, perseverance and stoicism. He’s been such an amazing sport about it all and I know it’s hard (heehee) to imagine but he has managed to journey through to the very outer reaches of his goals and farther than he imagined.
***Mr. S, you make a mistress proud! I can’t say I’m surprised though, from our very first talk I knew you were something special. You just seemed to understand exactly what you were looking for, what you wanted to accomplish and how you would go about doing so. You have taught me a lot about what it means to be a mistress, a coach, and a good ol’ fashion cocktease. I love holding the key to that gorgeous dick.***

I have included a selection of his writings to me since I think he articulates the draw of chastity and the level of determination it entails. He makes it so relatable and readable as to what it feels like to experience chastity from a male’s perspective.   (link will be added shortly…) & under, Posts From the Edge; Subbie Mr. S in Chastity &From One of My Loyal Toys.” 

The whims of women holding the sway of his penis and if and when it gets to play is such an appealing notion to ponder, I feel my panties getting moist with just the thought.
It takes a lot of strength and willingness to surrender the fruits of the flesh and sexual pleasure at the sacramental altar of femdom. Offering up that energy to a mistress, is such an intimate experience of bonding.
When something as simple and sweet as masturbation, cumming, and sexual pleasure is no longer just a given, forgone conclusion but instead a rarified privilege and pleasure, it becomes so much more valuable to strive for and attain. 
It makes one appreciate the satisfaction earned within the confines of cock control and gratification that is anything but instant. Chastity is the very cage that liberates, the ties that bind which also free the phallus.
 Have you ever considered Chastity -either short-term or long-term?
Inquiring Mistress Minds Want To Know 😉