A-Z Fashion Glossary Style/Designer Terminology Part 2


Jimmy Choo: Malaysian fashion designer based in the United Kingdom known for making luxury shoes accessories and handbags.

“K” is for….

Kimono –Asian style robe with wide sleeves and sash. Silk or stain and floral prints are common.

Kitten Heel: Narrow and short heel less than 2 inches and a diameter of .4 inches or less –very old Hollywood circa late 40s –50s.

“L” is for….

Lettuce edge: Delicate ruffle hemline finished off and softened giving the appearance like the soft curves of lettuce.

“M” is for….

Manolo Blahnik: Italian shoe designer popularized by the show Sex In The City.

“N” is for….

Neon: Bright fluorescent colors that create a bold glowing like vibrancy. Popularized in the 80s and still relevant today, tend to look even more pronounced under backlights.

“O” is for….

Ombre: French word for “shaded” that refers to fabric that has multicolors graduating into light to dark shades.

“P” is for….

Pleat: Type of fold/plait formed by doubling back on itself and securing it in place in an accordion or fanlike gathering of strips.

“Q” is for….

Quitted: Pieces of different pieces of fabric sewn together. For example recycled denim jeans are popular for being upcycled into quitted purses.

“R” is for….

Ruched: Gathered strips of fabric that is Fluted or pleated.

“S” is for….

Salvatore Ferragamo: Italian shoe designer that created shoes for celebrities in the 1920s and is now a trademark known for the design and production of luxury shoes, purses, and fragrances.

Scallop: Rounded off edges or trim.

“T” is for….

Tier: Rows of fabric layered upon itself typically, but no exclusively in ruffle form.

Train: Material gathered flowing to the floor from behind a dress often seen in formal full length gowns.

“U” is for….

Unitard: One-piece skin-tight clothing popular in dance that covers the torso, shoulders, hips down to the legs. Also used as a base for layering.

“V” is for….

Vera Wang: fashion designer known for exquisite bridal gowns and formal dresses.


Victim of Fashion: Don’t fall prey to fascist fashion police –dance to the beat of your own theme song and only follow trends you like. Be yourself and you’ll never be a fashion victim. The worse that can happen is you try something you don’t like so you can take it off and start fresh 😉

“W” is for….

Wedge Heel: Thick-soled shoe with space filled under the foot that gives the side view appearance of a triangular wedge shape under the arch and heel.

“X” is for….

Xiao –modern style Asian-inspired designs by Cynthia Chow the San Fran based fashion designer.

“Y” is for….

Yoke: The supporting fitted core of a garment that spans from the neck, shoulders, or hip is the base for hanging the looser fitting or gathered attached portions.

Yves Saint Laurent: French fashion designer popularized couture in the 60s and rendered runway style fashions into everyday wearable looks. Also known to have introduced the tuxedo suit for women and was ahead of his time in his multicultural references and models that spanned many different ethnic background.

“Z” is for….

Zac Posen: Fashion designer known for classic cut formalwear with a neo-twist.

Zara: One of the largest international fashion companies known for clothing and shoes and belongs to Inditex one of the largest distribution companies.