5 Stages for SPH Cuckies Part 1

This post is dedicated to my hyper-kinetic pet, the self-dubbed “Jack-off Julia of the Cannon Clitty -Cock” (humiliation whores only)

Cuckoldry for the subby hubby is a process of acceptance that every cuckie must go through. In order to benefit from all the transformative power of creating a new normalcy and a better union between the hot wife and her newly anointed pet. The transition of husband to submissive slave is a tricky path to traverse to be sure. Let’s take a look at these five stages.

They are basically the same of those of the famed  Kubler-Ross Model. While it originally was created by the author Elizabeth Kubler-Ross to describe the 5 distinct stages of dying and mourning, it can also be applied to the rebirthing that one undergoes in a cuckolding couple’s arrangement.


5 Stages for Cucks

  1. Denial

  2. Anger

  3. Bargaining

  4. Depression/Grief

  5. Acceptance


Think of these 5 categories as a basic framework to reference but do keep in mind everyone copes and adapts slightly different and the cessation of each may vary. Overall though, reading up on all 5 will be infinitely helpful for those on the perilous path of cuckolding courtship. This journey may even lead to a newfound contentment never before experienced between partners if traversed cautiously and openly.

Chicks Dig BIG DICKS & The Mirth of Girth

Let’s face the cold, hard fact though: most women are size queens. The bigger, thicker and more talented the better. Plus endurance and stamina are also vital for an encore orgasm performance. It’s our penis prerogative though isn’t it?

Denial -Ain’t Just A River in Egypt 

Stage one is the most difficult one to surpass. Perhaps you aren’t yet ready to admit your dinky winky isn’t capable of pleasing the lovely lady of your life/”hot wife”.  Awareness is key here. You cannot properly care for your wife/girlfriend’s needs until you are aware of all the you lack. You do want her to be happy right? Cuz if she ain’t happy….well I’m sure you know the rest by now 😉

Remember though for the real cuckold there is hope: on the other side of the subby hubby’s jealousy, anger, and crazy emotions solace can in fact be found in acceptance.

Try This Exercise

Recite this mantra until it rings true to you:

My wife/gf  (insert name here) deserves sexual worship & pleasure,

Even though my member is below a cock’s acceptable measure

Stayed tuned for my next companion post/part 2 that deals with Stage 2 Anger:

Anal-yze This

~Pegging as a Resentment Purgative~