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Please Your Brat Tease

Brat Tease

  How to Please Your Brat Tease

-Realize that Brat Teases are capricious in nature and it takes patience and extreme flexibility when attempting to make plans with such sexy free spirits. Whims change with the wind, so be ready to submit and just roll with it. Ephemeral in their affections, don’t be surprised . . . → Read More: Please Your Brat Tease

Small Penis Potential

Stroke your Small Cock for Mistress

Small Penis Potential

My sweet sph pet “Peter Little Pecker” called me last night. He so loves jerkin’ his gherkin for me. While he lamented on his itty erection’s tiny stature, I reminded him of a few virtues of a compact-sized cock. Serendipitously the lovely Ms. Delia blogged about a similar topic and . . . → Read More: Small Penis Potential

Sexual Confessions

Sexual Confessions 


Salacious confessions from questions asked by emails and conversations. I am paraphrasing them to save space and time but here is a sexy synopses from some of the more revealing probing discussions I’ve had with some of you as I answered some of your Q’s.


Have you ever accidentally . . . → Read More: Sexual Confessions