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Tiny Little Play Thing

What would you do if I could shrink you down? I know what I would do, make you my little plaything. This is especially thrilling aspect of this is I’m only 5’2” so I wonder how that might come into play when you see me for the first time as shrunk down and smaller . . . → Read More: Tiny Little Play Thing

Can Your Dick Go the Distance?



Think of this as an instance where you basically have the polar opposite of the “master of your domain contest” but it poses an equally challenge set up. It’s not about finishing fast but instead Endurance is the key to extend stamina and orgasmic release. Slow and steady wins out whip . . . → Read More: Can Your Dick Go the Distance?

Tons of Teasing


For those of you who have grown bored with run of the mill cock teasing and require a harsher form of extreme edging, you have stumbled upon the right lady!

No matter how fervid your stroking becomes, you will not be permitted to cum without permission from your Mistress if and when . . . → Read More: Tons of Teasing

My Phallus Philosophy

My Phallus Philosophy

Chicks that dominate dicks have a very simple philosophy: The cock is akin to the remote control for the vast majority of men. Having you on the leash of that shaft can be as simple and subtle as deploying a sultry gaze, an “accidental” glance in the direction . . . → Read More: My Phallus Philosophy

Out of this World Phone Sex

Out of this World Phone Sex

Most Men so love their machines. Boys and their tech toys; Cars, motorcycles, gadgets that would make 007 swoon. But does your ultimate turn-on go beyond that? Do you have a mad-scientist dream that consists of designer dames biogenically-engineered in combination with the electronic evolution . . . → Read More: Out of this World Phone Sex

The Penis Pass Off

Cum Play With Us!

Pass the Penis

 It’s all fun and games until someone accidentally busts a nut & cums. Might that someone in question be you? We mistresses love nothing more than igniting and exciting that sparkle of need in you and then tossing you around from one to another . . . → Read More: The Penis Pass Off

Masturbation May Tease

Stroke to my pics after you read this May Babes 😉

Oh the things I could do with you! A little tempting tease like me doesn’t seem like a dominatrix -more like the girl next door. However, this girl has been around the block a few times and most definitely into . . . → Read More: Masturbation May Tease

Spring Sissy Tips & Sumptuous Lips

Spring Sissy Tips & Sumptuous Lips

Here are some tips and tricks from one of my very favorite callers the always elegant and intelligent Amanda.

Thanks for all the inspiration and conversation Amanda! XOXO 😉

Luscious Legs for Days

-The world of hosiery is so much more extensive than . . . → Read More: Spring Sissy Tips & Sumptuous Lips

Just Teasing!

If you are wondering what a tease session is like with me, all I can think to say is it’s like spinning the wheel of fortune for you see kink kryptonite is anything that becomes too routine or lackluster from a dearth of variety   and don’t expect every session with me to be . . . → Read More: Just Teasing!