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The Next Big Thing: Goddess At Large

 Part 3 Giantess Interview

Next Big Thing: Goddess At Large More from my awesome caller Chris! Interview Q/A Part 3 continuing from blog Part 2 Here Thanks so much as always Chris!

Interesting little trivia I found online: “The internet has played an important role in helping to develop the fetish. . . . → Read More: The Next Big Thing: Goddess At Large

Obedient Subbie Masochist Slut


Obedient Subbie Masochist Slut I have a fun little pet that the lovely Ms. Dallas dubbed as “Obedient Subbie Masochist Slut”. AKA OSMS for blogging purposes. Now OSMS is an interesting example of service submissive that loves nothing more than being made to call and be teased mercilessly. His hope is merely . . . → Read More: Obedient Subbie Masochist Slut