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Girl Crush Vol. 2


Girl crush

This lovely lady making sultry eyes at you is none other than Claudia one of my very best gal pals. *I promised to note that the sultry gaze above was only a deep yin for a cookie I bribed her with -but I think she genuinely liked being . . . → Read More: Girl Crush Vol. 2

Professor Panty-Pup

Here’s a story of a Panty-Pup of a Different Kind….

So my dears as you know I have many panty pets that prance and mince about in frilly li’l panties and such but I also have a very interesting sub-hybrid of sorts. A panty pet that doesn’t wear panties but rather . . . → Read More: Professor Panty-Pup

Pretty Panty Pet Update


Fiona Forecast

After a bout with strep throat I am feeling way better and wanted to share  with you all some news!


I have several caller themed posts on their way to my blog including a  panty pet, a dick-diddler pet in pretty outfits, and two new girl crushes to share! Well actually three but . . . → Read More: Fiona Forecast