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Guest Author

Punished by Sierra and Fiona By Alice Wonder -=-

I was Goddess Sierra’s pet, and proud to be her pet. Let me be clear, I was not her lover. I liked to dream that maybe someday I would be, and we did have a lot of fun together, but . . . → Read More: Guest Author

Be Mine

My lips are red with a deep crimson hue Your balls are full & a nice shade of  blue Be mine & get 5 free mins from me to you


Thanks so much for all the sweet V-day wishes, poems, emails, messages and gifts. Your collective thoughtfulness is touching, & you all really know how to make . . . → Read More: Be Mine

Cuck Quiz

Hello my little cum dumplings! Today’s post is just a fun little quiz for the cucksters. While there are endless variations of cuck classifications this is just a small sampling of combos that you may find yourself falling into. 😉

1.) My fave part about being a cuck-slut is:

A. . . . → Read More: Cuck Quiz

Goddess Guide Bridgit




Yesterday and today (depending on your time zone) is known as Bridgit’s Day (or according to the Celtic version “Brighid’s Day”) that is the Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring and the return of the sun goddess. It’s a time to welcome the lighter, warmer days of spring which . . . → Read More: Goddess Guide Bridgit