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Celtic’s Cum Caper

Celtic’s Cum Eating on Cam Caper

Today’s post features a dear caller of mine that swallowed his load for me like a good cum-slinging pet. He mentioned to me that he felt it was a rather odd but no less enticing fetish that he enjoyed despite the sense  it wasn’t very prevalent.

It . . . → Read More: Celtic’s Cum Caper

When the Mistress is Away….


….The strokers cum out to play!!!


I do so hope you all have been behaving in my absence lest you think you are off the hook when my attention is diverted 😉 Although I do have it on good authority that at least the majority of you have been anxiously . . . → Read More: When the Mistress is Away….

Pin-Up Pearls of Wisdom for Panty Pets


Taking a Page From the Book of Bettie for Panty  Pin-Up Bois and Gurls.


A few factoids about this luscious and legendary lady sprinkled with Bettie Bites of wisdom:


-Betty’s trademark short and sassy bombshell bangs made her shine and stand out.

Pearl of Wisdom: Never be afraid to . . . → Read More: Pin-Up Pearls of Wisdom for Panty Pets

Co-opted Kink Part 2




…Continuing from Part 1 of my previous post 😉

(Mistress Kristina‘s message is in red and Dave the Dick Diddler‘s is in blue):

Miss Fiona,

I am truly sorry that my worthless little sub bitch is bothering you with his “humble request”. I guess I should have him better . . . → Read More: Co-opted Kink Part 2

Co-opted Humiliation Kink Part 1

Co-opted Kink

To reiterate past blogs where I mentioned the fine art of sharing subbies I thought I should share a prime example of what I meant by the term Co-opted Kink. It’s simple really. As most of my devoted readers already know, I love working with my Mistress Posse and was quite eager when a . . . → Read More: Co-opted Humiliation Kink Part 1

More Fall Fun to Cum….

Mocha Choca Latta Ya Ya

A few things I love about the approaching autumn: Sky high thigh high boots (thanks Peter Teaser for the sexy as sin pair you gave me) Cool temps mean hosiery and stockings and tights are wearable again with bootie-ful curves peeking out from under casahmere silky soft sweaters. . . . → Read More: More Fall Fun to Cum….

Autumnal Tidings from Kinktress Fiona




Your collaborator in kinky hijinks is back boys and gurls! The summer heat and naughty in the flesh rendezvous had left me exhausted and estivating in the A/C till cooler temps came back to the coast. I have always been too hot blooded to enjoy the sweltering humidity of summer (Queue the song FEVER by Eddie . . . → Read More: Autumnal Tidings from Kinktress Fiona