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This just in….


Mistress of the Week: Spotlight on Our divine Divas of Dispatch! Show them some love for all they do. It must be like trying to defuse a bomb keeping track of you all and getting you to us in the throes of your blue ball calls.  heehee . . . → Read More: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Are you a Whiz of Jizz?


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Info reformatted from Wonderful site but don’t check it out till you finish your quiz.  No peeking till then!


. . . → Read More: Are you a Whiz of Jizz?

Good Cock-Keeping’s Cum Cookbook


Ah the joys of cum guzzling. While I doubt you will ever find a Good Housekeeping cookbook for ideas and recipes, I know it is a dick-a-cious indulgence for many of my subpups and pets.

Here are a few ways to enjoy:

Take your peenie potion & make a invigorating summertime treat . . . → Read More: Good Cock-Keeping’s Cum Cookbook

Mistress Oath

Just a little post to clarify my personal policies regarding domination

My Mistress Oath BDSM Pledge I, Mistress Fiona solemnly swear that I will:


Always respect hard limits.


Never tell a subbie that because I own them they are to only do sessions with me exclusively. I . . . → Read More: Mistress Oath