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Be Our Guest


As we bid a fond farewell to Masturbation May, the kinky cast of the Empire already has new thrills and epic events lined up. We have to keep you all properly entrenched in desire don’t we now? Make those cocks and sissy clits dizzy and in a tizzy!  If left to your . . . → Read More: Be Our Guest

Twice As Nice

Twice As Nice

Sexy rosy lips, wicked little smiles, deep penetrating eyes,  and virtually every type of Goddess a mere mortal man-morsel could ever hope for. What is a little subpup to do when so many options leave him dumbfounded and perplexed about which to call?

Guess what strokers! You don’t have to . . . → Read More: Twice As Nice

Esoteric Erotica Part 2 Cont.

Ignore Fetish Part 2 Left in Submissive Suspense At Your Own $Expense$


…Continued. Part one can be found HERE

For example I have had some unabashedly open and exciting convos with my good friend all the while my little subpet just listened and occasionally whimpered from being denied. . . . → Read More: Esoteric Erotica Part 2 Cont.

Esoteric Erotica Part 1

Please Don’t Interrupt Me While I Ignore You 😉


I thought I would start doing a blog series that showcasing some of the more unique fetishes we offer here at LDW since there are so many wondrous, prurient pleasures.  

Today’s Esoteric Erotica Topic is: Ignore Humiliation Fetish . . . → Read More: Esoteric Erotica Part 1

Playing Trix

A Field Guide to the Enchantrix Empire


Enchantrix: noun

(singular and plural form)   enchantrices/enchantrixes (other plural forms)

Refers to any or all the lovely LDW ladies that are mistresses w/ magical tricks to tantalize and torture any and all your cock’s desires. Part enchantress, part siren seductress, they are sorceresses of sensuality.  They can be any or . . . → Read More: Playing Trix

Make Love Not War

Make Love Not War

Subversive Sex Strike

Lysistrata is a satirical comedy by Aristophanes that I just read recently and thoroughly enjoyed. Originally performed in Athens in 411 BC, it’s a tale centered around a woman’s mission to ursup the  embattled men and end the Peloponnesian War. This . . . → Read More: Make Love Not War

Mistress Method Part 2

 Continuing from Part 1 Mistress Method (the previous post) For Part 1 of Mistress Method Click HERE (Continued questions from the  Part 1 Exercise):

Can you hear her laughter and uncontained amusement and from there think about how that would make you feel if it were to occur? Would you do anything . . . → Read More: Mistress Method Part 2

Mistress Method Part 1

The Method Techniques Of Fantasy Roleplay


Click here to hear me read the intro passage (Coming soon)

What is Method Acting?

It’s an acting technique that uses the sense memories of past experiences & emotions and the mental visualization to recreate them in order to bring depth . . . → Read More: Mistress Method Part 1

Mistress Styles & Profiles

Hello lovelies! Today’s post is all about Mistress profiles and personalized domination styles. My About Me, Portfolio of Pleasures and Session Tips blog sections touch upon my personal preferences and perverse proclivities, however it’s your passions that are what primarily intrigue me and I’ll tell you why.  Femdoms love there little subpups hard and . . . → Read More: Mistress Styles & Profiles

Cum Quota

Have you had your daily dose of dick today?  Hot and creamy over easy or straight up shot from the rocks. Get the silky spooge smoothie any way you can -fresh from the phallus challice! I send out a little  interrogative email to some of my fave cocksucker callers and asked them the . . . → Read More: Cum Quota