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Guest Post Olympics Cont.

Mistress Olympics Blog Entry – Part 3

Hello again everyone. I want to thank Mistress Fiona for posting the story on her blog, and for the wonderfully creative inspiration that she provides. I also want to thank everyone who commented or in any way responded to the blog entry, your . . . → Read More: Guest Post Olympics Cont.

Fighting the Urge to Purge

Sissy Wardrobe Intervention From the Scourge of the Purge Need some ideas to prevent purging of all your girl goodies?


-When shopping, spring for expensive items & keep receipts to remind you that by purging you are basically throwing away your hard earned $$$. This makes for a good excuse to pamper . . . → Read More: Fighting the Urge to Purge

It’s Electric!

Shock the Cock

So I had a very fun session with an electric pet subbie. He had a remote control shock collar and wrapped it around his cock.


He encased his cock and balls within and left himself at the mercy of my whims. There were multiple setting spanning  from a mere tingle to a burning stimulation. . . . → Read More: It’s Electric!

What It Means To Be A Girl

  Reclaim The Girl or Gurl You Truly Are!

Miss. Fiona  why are people sometimes so unaccepting of sissies? What’s wrong with wanting to be girlie? -Nancy

That is a great question with no good answer unfortunately. You should be able to get your girl on without judgment or condemnation. It’s fun to . . . → Read More: What It Means To Be A Girl

Cuckolding Fantasy


Tonight is going to be special. You can tell because the exotic aroma of my honeysuckle perfume wafts from my vanity and taunts your nose. It’s the perfume bottle that I only break out for the rare occasions when I have time to dress-up and enjoy an evening free of responsibility. My tiny waist is . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Fantasy

Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack


Life Hacks: Ways to improve and simplify your life with little short cuts, easy ideas and creative outside-the-box approaches Sack Hacks: preparatory hacks for having more fun in the sack 😉


Body Worship

Yes breasts, backsides, feet, & the clit all get lots of play, and with . . . → Read More: Hacky Sack

Cast Your Vote!

My guest post writer JJ and I want to know: I am working on the writing for part 3 of the first installment of the ‘Mistress Olympics’ blog/story. Mistresses / callers / readers, I hope you have enjoyed the ‘Mistress Olympcs’ storyline up to this point.  Here is your chance to participate in . . . → Read More: Cast Your Vote!

Hear No Evil, See No Evil 2


A Few Tools of the Trade:


Blindfolds & Gags

Headphones (w/ or without music to shroud the other sounds) Check out great fuck music <–here

Essential Oils -Peppermint, Mandarin Orange, Egyptian Musk, French Vanilla are a few faves

Warm Compresses/Warm Wax -For . . . → Read More: Hear No Evil, See No Evil 2

Hear No Evil See No Evil Part 1

 Sense and Sensibility: Sensory Play, Deprivation and Accentuation  

Think about the Hitchcockian style of cinema. He lets the audience’s imagination fill in the blanks with what is merely eluded to and suggested. By taking the reins and using the power of the viewers’ own mind and deepest consciousness, he conducts an inner landscape . . . → Read More: Hear No Evil See No Evil Part 1

Spring Swag Basket Part 2

Try A Spring Fling w/ A Cock Ring


My colorful fave for CBT is this anodized stainless steel titanium  ring from


A-Tisket A-Tasket Tango w/ A Tenga Eggs Basket

“Different Strokes For Different Yolks”

Single use male masturbators  You peel and crack open . . . → Read More: Spring Swag Basket Part 2