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Pampering Permission

Giving Yourself Permission


Often it is way too easy to get bogged down with responsibilities and the everyday duties of life. It seems that after getting done all the things we have to do, and the majority of what we feel we should do, there is little time left to experience the things we . . . → Read More: Pampering Permission

Redux Style Part 2


En Femme Fashionista Find the Cream of the Crop When You Sissy Shop

While some couture consignment stores have the elegant ambience of fashion finery in the heart of your local cities, and historical districts, sometimes the ones boasting the best buys are hidden gems in the rough. . . . → Read More: Redux Style Part 2

Redux Style Makes Your Bucks Last Awhile

    Sissy Shopping: Fabulous En Femme Thrift

Hello my cyber lovelies! Did you know that while I was in high school and prior to being a little bondage-bunny and daring dominatrix I worked at one of the snazziest upscale  consignment stores in the District? I have worn many hats (both literally and figuratively) and while there . . . → Read More: Redux Style Makes Your Bucks Last Awhile

Guest Post Femme Machine Part 2


The Exciting Conclusion to The Feminization Machine By the Marvelous Miss. Matty Sue -Thanks again for sharing darling xoxo

Part 1 can be found here:

Part 2

When the lights return, you notice two new machines in front of you. One being . . . → Read More: Guest Post Femme Machine Part 2

Mesmerizing Mandala

The Tantric Trail Of Mandala Meditation What is a Mandala?

Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle.” It is a meditative tool and ritualized art form that is symbolic of the world and everything within it. It’s the merging of geometry, visual creative expression and mindful contemplation in sacred unity according to the Hindu and . . . → Read More: Mesmerizing Mandala

Guest Post Femme Machine Part 1

The Feminization Machine By The Amazing & Talented Missy Matty Sue Thanks darling xoxox -*Fiona*

Part 1

Walking into the room was more arousing than you expected.  Being almost naked in a cold room was exciting beyond belief, especially when your fate was uncertain.  The ad had said . . . → Read More: Guest Post Femme Machine Part 1

To My Little Cuckie

To my little Cuckie Cum Eating Cocksucker

-Great to hear your voice again xoxo

So you think you are ready to be a cuckold? To watch your woman be thoroughly fucked by someone else? Caressed and brought to release but not by your hand? Careful now cuckie, that rich interplay of intense emotions ready . . . → Read More: To My Little Cuckie

The Cumquistador

My Cumquistador

Cumquistador (noun)  1. also known as conquistador -Spanish/Portuguese term that translates to  “conqueror.” 

2. During his Age of Self-Discovery and exploration, my newest Cum eating instructed pet overcame his cum-shy tendencies hence the newly dubbed alias.

He Had Reservations

No, not the kind you make to ensure a table at your fave restaurant but rather of the squimish . . . → Read More: The Cumquistador




Why Should You Try & Deny Your Orgasm?

-Holding onto the orgasmic energy by not releasing and conserving that fire is a way to fuel your creative pursuits. Think of it as fire in the belly; the transmutation meditation and impetus that makes the world go round. Your very DNA sings with . . . → Read More: WHY TO TRY AND DENY?

Guest Blog

Mistress Olympics Blog Entry By the Extremely Talented JJ -Thanks For Sharing Your Fabulous Creativity xoxxo- Fiona

Hello everyone.  I want to thank Mistress Fiona’s anonymous caller for suggesting this interesting topic for a guest blog writing project.  Of course, I also must thank Mistress Fiona herself for her great inspiration for these . . . → Read More: Guest Blog