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The Case of the Terminal Virgin

Caution Extreme Humiliation Post Not For the Faint of Heart   What’s the difference between chiclets and dicklets?   The former has more of a chance in ending up in a woman’s mouth.

I just had a wonderful session with one of my humiliation pets Marcie. Now Marcie is an interesting case. . . . → Read More: The Case of the Terminal Virgin

Origins of Erotic Arousal

    One definition of polymorphic perversion has been identified by Freud as mankind’s instinctual drive for sexual pleasure. These libidinal urges can be derived from any part of the body & a multifarious expanse of objects. Think of the film  Annie Hall when Alvy mentions his affinity for Annie’s ability to extract erotic . . . → Read More: Origins of Erotic Arousal

Casual Capture Rapture

I am a fan of Erica Jong so I mean no disrespect in this post to her tome of sexual adventures. However the whole “zipless fuck” –a term she used to describe what can essentially be thought of as an inconsequential fly by fuck essentially in her famous Fear of Flying . . . → Read More: Casual Capture Rapture

Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes

Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes:  From My Mistress Mailbox (e-mail)

“Mistress Fiona –I love heels but they hurt!!!” –Kay

Well darling while it’s true that beauty is pain at times, there are a few cheats.

I like to use Dr. Scholl’s gel pads in mine. . . . → Read More: Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes

Gurl Talk

Please Welcome Sissy Krissy! Thanks for letting me interview you darling xoxo –Fiona What do you do when you want to feel extra girly? To feel extra girly, I always try new styles of lingerie, every style change has it’s own personality. Especially with dresses. Favorite outfit(s) special colors to wear? Very much color . . . → Read More: Gurl Talk

Sweet Treat


Perk Up Your Pecker With a DIY Magic chocolate shell that hardens into a candy-like solid


8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chips or chopped

2 tablespoons coconut oil  or melted butter

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract* (optional)

Use the top . . . → Read More: Sweet Treat

Sexy Mad Libs

Sexy Mad Libs

It’s All Fun and Games…

So one of my friends was talking about those books wherein multiple choices lead to a variety of outcomes & scenarios dependent on the choices you make.  Did you grow up with those fun make-your-own-destiny stories and/or video games?   Well . . . → Read More: Sexy Mad Libs

Gyrating Giantess Part 2

The blanketed moss of the forest floor is like velvet to the touch and I throw off my shoes with a mere flick of my ankles. I want to feel the cool kiss of their silky greenery on the bare bottoms of my feet and toes. Haphazardly I roam through the trees combing . . . → Read More: Gyrating Giantess Part 2

Gyrating Giantess: Part 1

From Gentle to Elemental

Gyrating Giantess; Taking Over the World  

**Adapted from a Giantess Phone Fantasy Role-Play **


When I first discovered this strange world within the seemingly melted mirror I thought I must have certainly been going mad. When the glass gave way under my . . . → Read More: Gyrating Giantess: Part 1

Gurl Talk


Please welcome Briana! I am pleased to share these Q/A’s from one of our interview sessions.

Thank you for the fab answers xoxoxo!

What would be your getting fem and glammed up soundtrack? OMG, um… I won’t go heavy on any one  artist, just give my fave on each britney – . . . → Read More: Gurl Talk