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Warm Up Your Winter


The whisper of wintry winds is blustering a blast of artic air here on the upper east coast. I don’t know about you but this mistress thinks it’s high time to add a little heat. So all  my stroker pets, tell me… How do you plan to . . . → Read More: Cock Countdown

Since You Asked…

More Q/A from Email Inquiries:


“What’s your type?” -Lucas

I get this question very often. I guess the common denominator of ALL my fave types of boy toys is they all possess the following: A strong artistic/creative bent, wickedly witty sense of humor, an open & . . . → Read More: Since You Asked…

How To Feel Effortlessly Elegant and Feminine

How To Feel Effortlessly Elegant and Feminine


So You Want To feel More feminine ? Some days I know I do.  There are a myriad of tips to make one feel closer connected with their femininity more often and it brings the rhetorical question to mind; “What makes a woman?”  Here are just a . . . → Read More: How To Feel Effortlessly Elegant and Feminine

A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

Let my clarify right off the bat so there is no misconception. I am an Enchantrix and as such I love to tease that dick of yours. It’s amazing what that dangling appendage will do for  some much needed attention. That does not mean you can expect to actually get to . . . → Read More: A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

It’s Evolutionary My Dear

It’s Evolutionary My Dear Wanker Perhaps…  The Science Behind The Cuckold Kink

It has been hypothesized that there is an evolutionary reasoning linked to why the kinky cuckoldry fetish is more rampant than the status quo (that prefers to default to the stability of monogamous relationships overall) would like to admit.   There . . . → Read More: It’s Evolutionary My Dear

Slim Sissy Tips


Slim Sissy Tips

 One of the many rarified thrills of being a tease princess femdom, is getting a new cross dressing girlfriend. This post is for my frilly sissy Sandra. She wants to be sure she can complete her corset training  despite the ensuing holidays.

 *Stay well hydrated especially before you . . . → Read More: Slim Sissy Tips

Sissy Stocking Stuffers



From Kinky to Kitschy to Classy and Sassy

No matter what holiday you celebrate, December is always the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with presents!

So have you been bad? Caught licking and sucking a dildo perhaps? Or perhaps you’ve been very, very good and always listen when your mistress makes . . . → Read More: Sissy Stocking Stuffers

Baby It’s Cuckold Outside…

To have and To Cuckold Confessions of a Cuckolded & Humiliated Husband  Guest Post by cuckoo for cuckolding Baby It’s Co-co-Cuck-cold…*shivers and teeth chattering*

A cozy fire flickering invitingly is fogging up the lacey frost on the icy windowpanes. Freshly made soup simmers on the stove and I can smell the pumpkin spice from . . . → Read More: Baby It’s Cuckold Outside…