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Thank You

To All My LDW Friends, Boy Toys, Pets and Subbies,


During this time of the year, I find myself reflecting on all I am grateful for. One major part of my life that I am deeply appreciative of is LDW. I feel so fortunate to be working as an Enchantrix Mistress. It has been a . . . → Read More: Thank You

Dominating Mr. Bonaparte

Dominating Mr. Bonoparte:  A Subbie with a Nubbie

I recently had a call with a sub that I have dubbed Mr. Bonoparte for this sake of this post. He refers to his lesser half, that is to say, his “manhood” (and I use that term loosely)  as Napoleon. The reasoning behind this is . . . → Read More: Dominating Mr. Bonaparte

Flirting With The Fives Senses Part 2

Flirting Part 2 Fake and Flaunt

Regardless of if you are feeling sexy or not, you can still emanate allure with a confidant demeanor. Hold yourself upright –no slouching shoulders. Think of  Audrey Hepburn, the film ingénue and classical trained ballerina. She use to imagine an invisible string that she was suspended from and that . . . → Read More: Flirting With The Fives Senses Part 2

Flirting With The Five Senses Part 1

Flirting With The Five Senses Part 1


Inspired by my good friends Katie and my travel companion. 🙂


Recently it was requested that I do a post on flirting tips. At first I was a bit hesitant since it can be challenging to articulate the delicate dance . . . → Read More: Flirting With The Five Senses Part 1

How To Stop the Sub Drop

How To Stop the Sub Drop

After you go through all the biochemical changes from subspace some submissives may experience sub drop which is similar to a brief period of feeling down in the doldrums, melancholy, listless and or drained. The mind, body and emotions have much to . . . → Read More: How To Stop the Sub Drop

Submerged In Subspace

On The Road To Subspace

“Subspace” is  a temporal state of being, during which the mind essentially excludes most of its input and concentrates on just one or only very few impulses, completely disregarding all others meditative state of conscience.  Think of it as narrowing your line of focus like blinders on a . . . → Read More: Submerged In Subspace

To Serve and Submit

  Make Yourself Useful  Service submissives are a unique form of beta men that prove themselves to be somewhat helpful for a mistress to have at hand.

 How to tell if you are a service submissive CHECKLIST:

-You love making your mistress coo with pleasure in any way you can to . . . → Read More: To Serve and Submit

Dear Diary


 The Write Stuff

So sissification is what you seek but don’t know where to start? First things first. Your mind is all akimbo bubbling over with visions of stilettoes, satin panties and silk hosiery dancing through your head.  Where to start? Well obviously we mistresses at LDW are here to help you sort . . . → Read More: Dear Diary

Green And Glam

 For Fiona’s Femme Friends and Sissy Sistahs Ideas and Fun Finds Recycle, Reuse, Revamp Up-cycled Hosiery & Lingerie Green & Glam

Lingerie Bouquet


Have snags and runs torn part of your hosiery?

No worries! There are bunches of uses for old pantyhose and tights Just wash and let dry first then use . . . → Read More: Green And Glam

Cage Contemplation

Chastity Champ Mr. S and Sage Cage Advice


 “I’m completely on fire for you and want to feel more and am excited to do more exercises in your honor. It’s not like this ache in my groin for you is going away. I’m honored you have put so much effort into this . . . → Read More: Cage Contemplation