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The Mane Thing

  The Keys To Loveliest Lady Locks: Hair Everywhere Putting the Tress in Mistress To all my T-girls, gurly hair harlots, and cross dressers, drag queens: Want to be a li’l Miss Tress?

So you walk like a woman and can talk the talk like a girl but need a little extra pixie . . . → Read More: The Mane Thing

Awakening the Dormant Dominatrix

Please Your Princess, De-stress Your Mistress and All the Ladies In Your Life

I have a theory that all women have the intrinsic ability to be dominant, some more discreetly than others, while some are more in-your-face obvious. While this isn’t to say that some of us as a gender don’t also enjoy switching, . . . → Read More: Awakening the Dormant Dominatrix

Sensual Surrender

Sweet Seduction with a Li’l Bit of a Bite

I am a femme dom of many colors but primarily I’m a sensual seductress. I find you catch more subbies with honey than vinegar and it makes me more at ease to not have to micromanage constantly. Now this isn’t to say I . . . → Read More: Sensual Surrender

Claiming and Taming My Menfolk

Captivating Collections

I collect many things. Shoes, lingerie, perfume bottles, jewelry, first editions of my favorite novels, candles, art. My fave ever-growing collection though is MEN. Admirers, pet man-pups, wannabe subbies, servants, and the like.  I also collect alphas but I doubt any are here so 😉 primarily I am looking for . . . → Read More: Claiming and Taming My Menfolk

Mini Mistress Can Rock Your Cock

Strap-On Ex-strap-aganza


Are you ready to explore your secret strap-on fantasy with your pegging mistress?  I know lots of men are afraid to admit they crave strap-on femdoms.

I often am told the combination of my sweet demeanor and dominatrix-sized attitude condensed in a compact package is a lethally lusty contrast that sets many . . . → Read More: Mini Mistress Can Rock Your Cock

Why does the Caged Cock Sing?



  …..For the Amusement of His Mistress of Course   This post is dedicated to my prized pet Mr. S. I want to give him sincere props and recognition for his accomplishment.  Cheers to you hun!   He has been in chastity for 6 weeks and counting! This is not . . . → Read More: Why does the Caged Cock Sing?

The Lingerie Five Commandments

The Lingerie Five Commandments to Cleaning & Care


I. Thou shall wash thy panties/bra after every use. This is in order to remove the body’s natural oils (and *AHEM* other bodily fluid’s residual cum spots.) You should always consider licking those panties clean  first -must not be . . . → Read More: The Lingerie Five Commandments

Fairy Goddess-Mistress

Fiona gives Wings to Your Dreams

Feminization Fantasy Cinderfella


You know you aren’t really a man, contrary to what you pretend or what society tries to tell you, you actually are so much more. With my help, you can undergo a magical metamorphosis. And really you don’t have much of a choice . . . → Read More: Fairy Goddess-Mistress

The Lady Vanishes


       Carnal-Ville Funhouse of Wonder A-Mazing  Fun House You stumble out completely gob-smacked and turned-on from, the Mystical Mistress Meredith’s Dudgeon of Desire AND…..

You haven’t even regained your equilibrium when you catch a whiff of cotton candy freshly spun and buttery popcorn’s entwining aromas wafted . . . → Read More: The Lady Vanishes

Brand Spankin’ New Fave Fetish of Mine

Spanking Factoids And Whipping You Into a Frenzy

Being Bad Never Felt So Good -Come on Corporal Play is a turn-on and you know it but…Did you know?

* Paddles that have holes through the board pack a more painful punch than ones that don’t.  This is because the holes help prevent a cushion of air resistance from . . . → Read More: Brand Spankin’ New Fave Fetish of Mine