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At My Service

As a relatively new mistress, I have been pleasantly taken aback by the sheer volume of submissives that have been angling for my attention and while it’s thrilling to have at my disposal more love-slaves than I know what to do with as my signature honeyed allure laced with sugared acerbic arsenic seems . . . → Read More: At My Service

How I Managed To Destroy My Fave Sex Toy

The Rabbit –This is no Bunny to Foo Foo


Empress Courtney and our Sissy Maid Sadie where having a lively discussion on vibrators and the like when it brought to my mind, my very first pink vibrator. It was called the Rabbit and it had a vibrating “bunny” on the base of . . . → Read More: How I Managed To Destroy My Fave Sex Toy

Party Time

On a shall we say dare…..

I went to a party panty-less.  Well going commando on occasion is common enough, is it not? What was different for me was that this was the first time I was wearing a short denim skirt with absolutely no undies. It was as bit intimidating in that I had to . . . → Read More: Party Time

Serve the Foot Goddess

Serving Her Feet


In Tantra practices, the Goddess Sakti (Power) –Deity in the female form that is seen as the supreme power or mother of the all the energy of the universe that creates, sustains and withdraws. She is mother to Tantrika who worships her lotus feet.


It is said that . . . → Read More: Serve the Foot Goddess



Maid to Order 😉

Positions: Varied –you must be flexible.

Summary of Tasks:

-Vacuum while properly poised in heels

-Ethical spider relocation to the outdoors when found in the cleaning process

-Bed making

-Polishing . . . → Read More: WANTED: SISSY MAID

Spellbound By My Siren Song

   Prisoner of Passion Let me take you on a phone fantasy that will thrill and induce a meditative dream-like state of arousal….  

Imagine serene Caribbean blue waves glinting in the rippling wind. You are floating, freely bobbing up and down the sea of tranquility. As the sun sinks into the horizon . . . → Read More: Spellbound By My Siren Song

Better with Age

Fermented Like Fine Wine


I have a confession to make. I have always had an affinity for older men. They are so flavorful, fermented like fine wine, and worldly in ways that boys my own age lack.

It’s such a rush to have a man seen to the outside world as possessing . . . → Read More: Better with Age

Chastity Challenge


If you enjoy the delicate art of chastity and caged cock, this is a sample that can be personally customized.

It’s imperative you have received the proper training from LDW academy of cock control before auditioning.

So if you are looking for a mistress led fem dom . . . → Read More: Chastity Challenge