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Shoe Fetish & Twinkle Toes

Fiendish Shoe Fetish


I have a friend that is in lust with my feet. I never knew he had such a foot fetish until I had him over to watch a movie and I, as I always do when I arrive home, escaped from the confides of my ballet flats.

He’s also . . . → Read More: Shoe Fetish & Twinkle Toes

Style Profile for Fashionista Fems

What are you? Gilded Glamazon or Casual Cat?

Whether you are a daring diva, sassy sissy, cross dresser, or a mistress who love them, then this quiz is for you! Guy, girl, transgendered and everything in the middle! Longtime lover of fashion, or novice femme to the real time lifestyle and going out in public dressed up? Turn that . . . → Read More: Style Profile for Fashionista Fems

Ready or Not….Here I Come!

And now what you’ve all been avidly awaiting…My premier launch into the blog-o-sphere!

So welcome one and all to my new cyber digs. Take a look around and make yourself at home. As many of you know, I am new to these parts and still getting the feel for this wonderful new world. Originally, I . . . → Read More: Ready or Not….Here I Come!

Welcome Enchantrix Fiona

Join us in welcoming our newest Enchantrix, Ms. Fiona.