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Two On One Mistresses Having Fun

Two Mistress

Two On One Mistresses Having Fun


I have been lucky to have recently had two very steamy double mistress calls. One with the lovely Ms. Erica and the other with the sexy Ms. Delia and just Wow! What hot tamales they are! It’s amazing what a kinky coconspirator can do in terms of helping one become privy to even more of your innermost little secret turn-ons. It seems like it’s easier for you to explore some of those more locked away fetishes that you have been flirting with by adding a different perspective into the mix wouldn’t you say?


Perhaps that’s part of the appeal for you. Combining different aspects of those fantasies by sharing them in a whole new way is always exciting. For example, it’s not at all uncommon for both of us Mistresses to find out something new about a pet we’ve previous have played with many times. I just love that “Eureka” moment when it dawns on us that our li’l subbie harbors even more naughty desires than we ever imagined.

Accidental Kink Confessional?

Granted, there is nothing wrong with having a different Mistress for each fantasy separately, but damn is it fun when you open another part of yourself to us whether intentionally or subconsciously by a  kink-on-kink call collision. Plus, hearing the mellifluous refrain of each other as we laugh and giggle  is such a turn on, for me as much as it is for yourself I’d wager. Just be forewarned, two mistresses can manage to dominate you twice as fast so be prepared for quite an experience!

2 comments to Two On One Mistresses Having Fun

  • Petey cream puff

    2 mistress calls are the best!!! I’ve done them with Ms Olivia/Ms Violet/Ms Cindy Ms Audrey/Ms Delia/Ms Mandy/Ms Tia in which they dressed/turned and kept me as a girl. Those are the best calls and my favorite. I would love if you could do this to me as well.
    I have come out of closet with my masseuse about dressing up in women’s clothes/makeup/lipsticks/perfumes and she accepted this and told her I want her to do this to me as well. The plan is to go dress shopping in November where she will dress & put makeup on me. I know 2 other girls that I want to have them take charge and be in female lead relationship with me. I hope they want to do this as I’m afraid they won’t want to.

  • Fiona

    Oh I am quite sure we can arrange something for out little Peter Powder-Puffling xoxo

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