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Trust, Respecting Your Anonymity & Privacy in Phone Sessions

Respecting Your Anonymity and Privacy

Today’s post is based on the question: “Why do you sometimes post blogs about certain callers or sessions but not others?” -Shared with permission by Malcolm.  This is a  wonderful inquiry & I have a very simple answer to this. I only blog about my pets if they give express permission for me to do so. I would never be so presumptuous as to share anything so personal otherwise. I respect you all and that paves the way to trust. Trust in turn is an integral part of BDSM and all manner of relationships for that matter.

Your Trust is Key in Intimacy

I don’t want any of my readers to worry if they don’t see a post about a session they did with me. It doesn’t means I don’t think any of you are anything less than utterly awesome.  I’m not trying to be exclusionary when I take privacy as a given unless otherwise stipulated.  I want to ensure that everyone feels they can speak freely without hesitation or reserve. Please know that no one will be privy to your personal peccadilloes. Unless, of course you would enjoy and perhaps even get off on sharing. I’ll respect your wishes either way.  By all means, if that’s something you’d feel comfortable with, I’ll be happy to post it using a nom de plume of your picking. Otherwise complete discretion is a given. 

Care to Share?

There is a certain intimacy in phone sex that can make it so easy to become close friends with benefits. So, if you would like me to post or blog about you or, even better, if you’d like to post a blog about one of our sessions, confess a secret or share a thought, just email me like Malcolm.

You may be surprised by how many readers you can inspire.  Many may be too shy to respond to blogs in the comments section. However, I often get detailed emails telling me how a post really resonated and titillated them. Even though I’m not a therapist, you may find  sensual therapeutic value in speaking your mind. 

4 comments to Trust, Respecting Your Anonymity & Privacy in Phone Sessions

  • You made a great point Miss Fiona. I try very hard to respect the privacy of all my callers too. Nobody expects to be outed on a blog when they shared something in confidence. I think it’s an unspoken contract we engage in when we talk to our guys that we will keep their secrets. Now, if they want to share and give permission for us to do so that’s great!

  • Oh yes! I do love getting permission from a humiliation slut that wants to share -it’s always fun

  • Sometimes I find that Callers have Sessions that I have already written about and they can be strangely alike.

    I am sure that quite a few LDW Mistress’s have a case of BLOG Art imitating Life.

    This Post of yours actually inspires me to get a Contest of sorts of Erotic Story based Calls.

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