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Fashion Glossary Part 1

Fashion Glossary A-Z Style Designers & Terminology Part 1  

This post is for everyone. From panty boys to sissy missies, cross dressers, to transgendered beauties, transsexual gurls, mistresses, ladies and the those that love them,  fashion aficionados, lingerie fanciers and especially to the men that jut want to get into  women’s panties (literally) . . . → Read More: Fashion Glossary Part 1

Friends on the Spree : Dress-up Doll

Lingerie: Splendid Splurges & Urges


I have a friend named Skylar that I met through the wondrous Empire.  We exchange little teasing witticisms, tongue-and-cheek jokes, rant and rave about how Frederick’s of Hollywood is conspiring to take our paychecks from us.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our times together looking through chemises of . . . → Read More: Friends on the Spree : Dress-up Doll