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Mistress Meeting

  Domination Contemplation:  Kink Think Tank & Vixen Vacation

Hey there cyber subbies, did you know that the merry band of mistresses have biannual meetings in which we discuss all different top secret ways to better titillate, tease, and keep ya’ll on your knees?

It a special time to think about the stratagem of seduction, . . . → Read More: Mistress Meeting

A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

Let my clarify right off the bat so there is no misconception. I am an Enchantrix and as such I love to tease that dick of yours. It’s amazing what that dangling appendage will do for  some much needed attention. That does not mean you can expect to actually get to . . . → Read More: A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

Awakening the Dormant Dominatrix

Please Your Princess, De-stress Your Mistress and All the Ladies In Your Life

I have a theory that all women have the intrinsic ability to be dominant, some more discreetly than others, while some are more in-your-face obvious. While this isn’t to say that some of us as a gender don’t also enjoy switching, . . . → Read More: Awakening the Dormant Dominatrix