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Princess Learns to Enjoy Being Pampered With The Spoils of Ardor

Pround Spoiled Princess

I recently had an interesting question from a fellow femdom friend I was chatting with when the subject of how many pets share a predilection for spoiling their domme. This isn’t always the case but it’s not at all uncommon.

She inquired:

How does an independent, salt of the earth woman learn to be spoiled? I’m a self-rescuing princess and I don’t require all that.


Great question!

Honestly it took me a long while to really get comfortable with letting my pets spoil me. Mostly because it’s not something I expect or demand. Neither am I what could be deemed as a “material” girl (love the song though). Plus, I’ve always been an expert at lavishing myself with whatever little goodies my heart desires.

What’s A Femdom To Do?

It wasn’t until another dear of mine friend (and a fab dominista BTW) told me a little secret. She said simply to just let those that love to spoil, to do so in whatever way they want to indulge in. Allowing them to show their generosity  & how they wish to honor their ardor and passion, is a way to express themselves & in doing so, as much of an indulgence for them as it is to the receiver of their affection. If they choose to do this,  allow them to gracefully and be grateful. Some gift you with their letters or sweet words, some with their calls, others with bouquets etc. It can take many different forms. Find middle ground in what works for you both.

Well far be it to me to argue with that logic! I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s ok to be a pampered princess when you know underneath it all, you can, will and do take care of yourself and others. Being pampered isn’t required or expected nor should it be but it is still something to be enjoyed and perfectly proper to appreciate. In turn, be sure to lavish people right back. When you can be generous with yourself and let others be as well, it’s so much easier to extend that same kindness outwardly to the universe at large.

D/s Relationships Often Have the Spoiled Princess Dynamic

It often is a subbie’s pleasure, privilege and turn-on to get to spoil their Domina. Independence isn’t negated by accepting indulgence. Being spoiled is an additional luxury not a necessity. So just honor the feminine, feisty, fire inside. Reminds me of one of my fave quotes: Before you can be swept off your own two feet, you must first learn to stand on them. I think it’s safe to say all femdoms, by the very nature of their inherent strength and mettle do stand tall on their own two feet (typically encased in kick-ass shoes no less). Everyone is deserving of a little spoiling from time to time so relax  and soak up the love.😉

And my dear pets, remember when your Dom is happy you will be happy.

5 comments to Princess Learns to Enjoy Being Pampered With The Spoils of Ardor

  • I laughed out loud at the self-rescuing princess comment for about five minutes. Then I spent the next 10 minutes stifling giggle-fits at such a grandiose statement. Okay, yes, that seems really harsh. Naturally, I respect the freedom of anyone to express their views (and accept the resulting consequences). That said, who else but an independent woman should benefit most from the wonders of spoiling? For if there is need, then be it not charity? Spoiling is meant to honor the giftee for that which is so rightfully attained through that of her own diligence and mining of one’s self-respect. Now that I’m done channeling the founding fathers, here’s my summary. Not everyone is fortunate to receive gifts. So just kick back, say thank you, and enjoy. : )

  • Fiona

    Haha it is indeed!! A delightfully bombastic, fantastic turn of phrase befitting a true modern femdom as well as a term common in gamer culture vernacular. I wholeheartedly agree that gifts are to be savored. It’s a harvest reaped from cultivating confidence in oneself.

  • I agree with Miss Alexis that the phrase self-rescuing princess is excellent! I love getting gifts from My pets; like you, Our Pixie Mistress, it’s not something I demand, but I do love the little gifts of devotion bestowed upon Me by My pets. My only caveat is that I make sure they know that it needs to truly be *for Me*. I’ve had some pets remark that My wish list is filled with practical things, and not vibrators and stilettos and things of that nature. I like to tell them, the stilettos I like aren’t sold on Amazon, and I’ve got all the vibrators I’ll ever need! Want to make Me happy? Keep Me stocked with good coffee, nice body sprays, and high-threadcount sheets! *giggle*

  • Oh yes!!! That is so wise of you since the essentials are in their own way personal as well. You have great taste. Imagine a pet knowing they bought the very sheets that caress your skin? Very sexy indeed 😉

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