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Perks for Your Pecker

Perks for your Pecker

Our magical realm of masturbatrix and femdoms has some wonderful ways to perk up your pecker here at Enchantrix Empire. Did you know that for the month of February you can get 100 points just for joining our Rewards Program? You can register, save up and then redeem points. Every dollar you spend, earns you a point so it’s fast and easy to accumulate points when you call. Rack up enough points and be rewarded with awesome prizes.

Bonuses for your Boner Include:

-A $20 credit for our sexy audio store with 400 points.

-FREE PHONE SEX! 500 points entitles you to a free 10 minute call.

-An exclusive member only special bi-annual kinky chat hosted by our amazing Enchantrix founder Ms. Ally when you hit 600 points.

-And once you get to the jackpot of 1200 points your prize is a totally free 30 minute session!

-You also have the option of text notifications for special members’ only events

*Please contact regarding any questions.

2 comments to Perks for Your Pecker

  • These are such lovely perks indeed. I especially love the audio store credit. There are so many awesome erotic audios available for purchase, so this just gives our guys yet another reason to save up those reward points. But in order to get the points ya gotta call so get to it, strokers!

  • Yes, the erotic audio credit is a great touch for sure and a wonderful way to replay again and again!

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