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Toys to Make You Cream and Scream in 2018

Toys that will Make You Cream and Scream in 2018 Part 1 of 2

Let’s talk about all the newest innovations in erotic toys that will be sure to add a little flourish to your fun and fuckery.  Here’s to kicking off the New Year with erotic intrigue and a playful approach to . . . → Read More: Toys to Make You Cream and Scream in 2018

Happy 2018

Letter from Footpuppy


The following is a formal request from one of my callers. What say you? Is he worthy? Yay or Nay?


This is Footpuppy. After much thought, I would like to humbly beg Mistress Fiona and her boyfriend to allow me the honor of becoming their personal foot bitch. I want to crawl . . . → Read More: Letter from Footpuppy

Guest Blogger Foot Fantasy

In a very general sense, you could call my relationship with Mistress Fiona “ornamental.” I don’t have much practical purpose, and she keeps me around because she derives pleasure from my presence. There’s a certain aesthetic to my service that simply appeals to her.

Of course, sometimes you could call me ornamental because I’m . . . → Read More: Guest Blogger Foot Fantasy

Merry Holidays!


Happy Harvest

Wishing you all a happy harvest and a kinky cornucopia of delights!


Spiced Cider Kisses and Warm Wishes, Fiona

Swept Off My Feet

“YOUR Blog, i really enjoy it.  It is the best of all LDW.” -SD


Keepin’ Up with the Jones

Wow, thanks so much for the praise! I must apologize to you and all my little darlings though, as my blog has been much neglected as of late. Between getting a . . . → Read More: Swept Off My Feet

Help Us Celebrate 15 Years


During the first week of LDW’s 15th Anniversary Month, EVERYONE gets a free 5 minute call! Whether you’ve called us before or not, whether it’s been years since your last call or whether you’ve already called today,  you are invited to call in for a free 5 minute call EVERY day of . . . → Read More: Help Us Celebrate 15 Years

Stay for a Spell at the Haunted Hotel

Continued from sexy Simone’s Haunted Hotel Blog

Stay for a Spell

I can tell the instant you arrived at my door, #13 on the 13th floor, you are dazed, but not worse for wear after all your erotic adventures. Obviously, you are surprised at the incomprehensible compulsion you felt, that impetus that caused . . . → Read More: Stay for a Spell at the Haunted Hotel

Chastity Pet Ponders Cum Eating Cream Pies

Cum Eating Cuckie Quandary

Fiona’s Pet Cuckie is in a Cum Eating Quandary

Chastity Pet Ponders Cum Eating Cream Pies

My chastity pet *Stanley claims to want to express his submission of sheer sacrifice and devotion to fem-domination. His has already eaten his own jizz for me prior to being put into a three-month (and counting) . . . → Read More: Chastity Pet Ponders Cum Eating Cream Pies