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Wifey Out of Town Cock on Lockdown

Wifey Out of Town Cock on Lockdown

Part 1

One of my sexy besties has no reason in the world not to trust her adorably devoted fiancé but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make sure her man is locked up when she’s away. “Why would this seem necessary?” you might ask. Well, luckily I . . . → Read More: Wifey Out of Town Cock on Lockdown

The Sweet Thrill of Anticipation

The Sweet Thrill of Anticipation

You know the feeling; febrile palpitations and the tickle of excitement coursing through your veins. It’s the kind of rush that comes from looking forward to Christmas morning, the first day of vacation, or your next big paycheck; when you can practically taste the tease of . . . → Read More: The Sweet Thrill of Anticipation

Bear With Me

 Naughty Paws and Missed Calls

Hello my pets! I currently am trying to sort out some technical issues with my Plantronics landline phones.  One of my dear little naughty pets (of the four-legged whiskered variety) chomped clear through my headset wires a few weeks ago.  Upon replacing it and using my backup’s slightly . . . → Read More: Bear With Me

Sexual Goals 2018


Sexual Goals 2018

A recent emailed question: “What are your sexual goals for 2018?”



Full On-Free Wheeling

I guess I aspire to be a freestyle fetishist. Like a butterfly I want to alight from one flight of fancy to the next without getting bogged down with labels.  I . . . → Read More: Sexual Goals 2018

Wax Lyrical

Getting’ the Beauty Buzz 2018

Wax Lyrical Brighten Up

I just got back from the salon. My hair needed a few highlights to celebrate the brighter days ahead and warmer weather. Plus, I really wanted an extra voluminous pin-up look for my date tonight 😉 First though I have to share what I . . . → Read More: Wax Lyrical

Humiliation Session Tips

Humiliation Session Tips

Calls are an interactive art. It depends on the chemistry between two people, and it takes both to equally engage with each other. I don’t think of myself as a mere entertainer but rather a sensual femdom & one that is selective about those she chooses to play with.

It’s . . . → Read More: Humiliation Session Tips

Fiona’s back on Skype!

Hello, kinsters! Guess what, buttercups? My skype is back up and running, so text and skype sessions are all systems go. In fact, today I just had a thrilling session with my pain-slut pet “Bordello.” This was perfect since I was in the mood for some TNG CFNM.

Making it Snappy and Slash-y . . . → Read More: Fiona’s back on Skype!

Happy Valentine’s Day


Bubble Trouble

  Bubble Trouble

What’s a femdom to do when she’s in the bathtub and the phone rings? Last week I didn’t realize I hadn’t logged off the line and drew myself a nice revivifying bubble bath.  My favorite rose bath bomb fortified just the hint of honey and lavender oil added in for good measure . . . → Read More: Bubble Trouble

Girl Crush: Mad About Maya

Marvelous Maya

Mad About Maya

My first girl crush of Winter 2018 is a lovely lady I have enjoyed for years: Ms. Maya Ruldoph from Bridesmaids, and of course, SNL fame. She’s smart, sassy and hilarious. Nothing is sexier to me than the ability to find and share humor and laughter with whip fast . . . → Read More: Girl Crush: Mad About Maya