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Mistress Meeting

  Domination Contemplation:  Kink Think Tank & Vixen Vacation

Hey there cyber subbies, did you know that the merry band of mistresses have biannual meetings in which we discuss all different top secret ways to better titillate, tease, and keep ya’ll on your knees?

It a special time to think about the stratagem of seduction, . . . → Read More: Mistress Meeting

Fiona’s Follies Winner Circle



A little while back I did a talent search post called “Fiona’s Follies”  and a classified ad on tumblr & EE to drum up our kinky community’s artistic streak since it’s quite evident just how talented you all are.

Honarable Mentions

Competition was fierce. I had a pet juggle . . . → Read More: Fiona’s Follies Winner Circle




Why Should You Try & Deny Your Orgasm?

-Holding onto the orgasmic energy by not releasing and conserving that fire is a way to fuel your creative pursuits. Think of it as fire in the belly; the transmutation meditation and impetus that makes the world go round. Your very DNA sings with . . . → Read More: WHY TO TRY AND DENY?